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Mega CD Project

I would like to post more on this blog I made. I usually like to read other blogs like Deunan or ychh0 so those two are a big inspiration. Also both are very good friends of mine. Specifically the last two years I’ve begun collecting retro consoles and computers. I think it’s safe to sayContinue reading “Mega CD Project”

The FM Towns Power Supply Problem has been solved

Towns are known to have dodgy power supplies. For example simply changing capacitors doesn’t always magically fix them. Unless you’re a very VERY well trained technician for Switched mode power supplies you’re not gonna fix it. Sorry. Unless you like chasing down 25-30 year old chips and switches you’re probably not gonna fix that originalContinue reading “The FM Towns Power Supply Problem has been solved”

FM Towns File Structures

Towns has no on-board operating system at all and you must launch the OS from software. Generally that will be from floppy disc, CD or hard drive. While it is possible to launch operating system from hard drive after it’s installed, the operating system is always launched from software generally on CD or floppy disc.Continue reading “FM Towns File Structures”

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